For your stay, we provide a small range of different Rooms. All our rooms comes with bed-sheets, Pillows and Blankets. Breakfast is included in every stay as well. We hope that you enjoy your time with us. All the prices are on a “per night” basis.

Self contained Rooms with AC

We have two Rooms which are self contained and equipped with AC. Each Rooms has a double Bed and off course hot and cold water. Price per Night is $40 (max. 2 People)

3 Bed Rooms

For the smaller Group we offer rooms with 3 Beds, one Cot and one Bunk-bed. The Rooms are perfect for Travellers on a budget, who want to stay an a reasonable comfort in a Privat Environment. The Price for 3 Persons is $40, 2 Persons $35 and $25 for only one Person.


For Backpackers and people who love to meet new friends, we have 3 Dorm- Rooms. One for 4 Persons and one for 8. We also offer a Female Dormitory which host 3 Female Guests. Each Room is equipped with Bunk- beds. A a special, the 8 Person Dorm has a small balcony over-watching the double road in Moshi. Price p.P. per Night is $12